Oxford Speedway Race Jackets Mug

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Image of Oxford Speedway Race Jackets Mug

This mug features Oxford Speedway race jackets chronologically documented and presented as badge emblems also showing the years each emblem was used. From the iconic diagonal yellow stripe on blue, used from the inaugural league season of 1949 throughout the fifties and into the sixties to the most recent cheetah design last used in the 2007 Elite league.

The Cheetahs, Rebels, and Silver Machine years come together to graphically show the history of Oxford Speedway. The design ends with a plain gold emblem to represent the future when Speedway once again returns to the city at Oxford Stadium.

The mug comes boxed with a design also featuring the Oxford Speedway race jackets. Initial orders will be sent out with a free Save Oxford Speedway bumper sticker and lapel badge.